Issue 05

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

For Issue 05 we wanted to go back to the incubator, and start from the beginning the journey from fantasy to true greatness. 


We worked with the Olympic Committee and their vast and mind-blowing archive, and here present the programme for the first-ever Olympic Games held in 1896. We wanted to show something many will never have seen, and something you can keep – as opposed to the world-famous pop culture moments we’re more used to.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is widely recognised as one of the very greatest sportspeople to have ever graced track and field. I’m not sure where we even start with Shelly-Ann’s achievements. She was the first 100m sprinter to win individual medals in four consecutive Olympic games

Scout Bassett

Scout Bassett is recognised as one of the absolute great athletes. Much like Shelly-Ann it’s very hard to chart the successes of Scout, given they are so numerous. She’s currently the world record holder in the 400m and Americas record holder in the 200ms.

Jamal Musiala

“Generational talent” is a term that shouldn’t be used too often – because it simply doesn’t happen that often. You of course have good young sportspeople that could become great sportspeople. But then you also have great young sportspeople who could become the absolute greatest. Jamal Musiala is the latter.

Fashion East

There are few better incubators of talent than the world-famous Fashion East. Created by the national treasure Lulu Kennedy MBE, Fashion East has single-handedly discovered and supported some of the biggest names in fashion, inspiring designers all over the world. It’s a great example of trusting the process. The sheer determination and support provided by Fashion East has encouraged so many to follow their dreams.